Danganronpa Future Side Episode 9

One of the best episodes on the future side thus far. I was impressed that there were so many apparent deaths in the episode and I was made to feel for characters that previously I detested. Of course, in Danganronpa fashion those characters died immediately after but that is only to be expected.

In this killing “game” there is only four characters left (that we know of). At this point I think the key to knowing who is behind the events in the future side will be revealed on the despair side. I don’t have one specific character that I am leaning towards but I do think after the next episode of the Despair side and the Future side I will have a strong guess.

I am also thinking Kirigiri died to easily. She was to smart to die and I think she would have thought to the very end to live. I think the bottle that we see in the end of the episode is a hint that she is in fact not dead. Now, I am not sure if that means that the other members of the future foundation that were killed by breaking their rules could also be alive but that would definitely push the possibility that the ultimate farmer was behind the games but I don’t think we will know until the next episode of Future side if, in fact Kirigiri is dead.

This is a great episode and shows te fact that Danganronpa is a worthwhile show. Future side has generally been slower than Despair’s side but now I think the pace has quickened for both.


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