Lambert-My Sweet Prince

My Sweet Prince. Such a cheesy title for honestly anything to use. And I think that this lame title describes the stories that can be found in this visual novel quite well. Before reading Lambert’s story I read three other routes. Chezem, Nagit and Jun. All of which left me unimpressed and seemed to get less interesting as I went to one route to the next with Chezem serving as the most interesting and Jun the least. Will Lambert represent a change from this downward trend?

Before I describe more details about Lambert’s story let me give you a brief summary about what the story is about. The main character was robbed while on vacation in a foreign land and was left with a bracelet which she learns represents who will become the next king. As you now have the bracelet it is up to you to decide who will be the next king.

It isn’t a bad setup. For the most part. It does seem strange to have a foreigner decide the fate of a country she barely knows but it provides a sense that the main character is ordinary and gives a reason why royalty would be interested in her in the first place. Unfortunately it seems that only one prince is interested in you in each route. This really makes all of the stories seem very flat as your interactions with other characters are very limited. Though conflict is present in all the stories, admittable in Nagit’s case only for a chapter or so, besides Chezem’s story the main character really doesn’t do much in resolving the issues. The world has no depth and neither does the protagonist thus making all of the previous My Sweet Prince stories week.

So where does Lambert’s story fall into place in comparison to the others? Unfortunately dead last. Lambert is the most unlikable of the princes which I have ready. He is pompous throughout the whole story and never convinced me, unlike the other princess that he would serve as a good king. I never saw what the main character saw in him and thus made even the character’s chemistry, something that was alright in previous stories, seem off. In the case of the story well, the climax focused on the person that had the main character’s stuff stolen and Lambert’s engagement. The former storyline was covered in Jun’s and was more well-handled there and the engagement story seemed like a watered down version of Chezem’s love triangle subplot. The only thing that is better in this story than the others is the ending .In all of the stories I have gotten the bad ending and most of them are rather depressing. This one was not that bad and felt like an ok resolution to the story. But still I would say skip this story. There are plenty of better visual novels out there to read.


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