Avatar: The Search. The story everyone wanted but didn’t get in the show.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best shows of all times. It is the kind of show that grips the watcher from beginning to end. In a show such as this it is not a surprise that the last episode was well done. Both resolving many conflicts in the show while leaving many questions and aspects of the world unexplored. The biggest thing that views didn’t get answered however was what happened to Zuko’s mom?

This was a question that was even teased in the last episode of the services with Zuko asking his father where his mother was. But we were not shown the answer to his question.  The question was such a big one that in The Legend of Korra the viewer is teased with the possibility of a reveal of what happened to Zuko’s mom but does not answer the question. Though neither show answered the question, the comics did.

The Avatar: The Last Airbender comics continue the story of Aang after defeating the fire lord.

I decided to casually pick up this series when I saw it in my local library, feeling pangs of curiosity about the truth of Zuko’s mom. Was it worth the years of waiting to find out the answer to this question. Well, yes.

The comics feel like the tv show. The characters are portrayed accurately and I feel like each book is structured like an episode from the show. Was the story perfect? No. But I think a lot of that is the result of the complexity of the story. If I tried to go into what happened in the books I would be witting a couple of pages worth of stuff. What I will say is that the Spirit World and Fire Nation politics play a large role in the story and this fact alone should give you an idea of why the story is complicated.

Another thing which I think is important from this series is the fact that the status quo of the Avatar universe is impacted by what happened in the series. If the Avatar series was to pick up five years after this comic you would like see the influence of the events which happened in this three book series. Thus this should not be thought of as filler but rather a continuation of the Avatar story, and a good one at that.

If you were a fan of Avatar give the series a try and be reminded why you loved ATLA to begin with.


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