Magnificent 7-Review

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When I saw Magnificent 7 I thought it is a fun movie. Enough said. Go watch it.

Fine, I guess I can give I little more detail. This movie isn’t an instant classic or going to be nominated for best picture but if you enjoy action movies I extent you will enjoy this one. This is the definition of a popcorn movie. You don’t need to think about the movie but it doesn’t treat you like an idiot either. The action scenes were not the only fun part of the movie however. The chemistry and the characters in the movie was great. I could see these characters being friends and helping the town. I could see them having fun chatting and I think that this raised the steaks and made you care when something happened to these characters in a way that many action movies fail to do.

It was also nice to not see a bunch of CGI in the movie. It felt a lot more real than other movies (though the set seemed to be small). I know that the town is supposed to be small but this one felt like it was just a set which, yes it was, but it shouldn’t feel that way.

Now the negatives. The villains were uninteresting. Though the motivation made a little of sense there was nothing that really impressed me about them. I also felt that the movie needed more scenes of the characters just interacting. The scenes in the salons were great but felt rushed and didn’t give the movie time to breath as would them just sitting on the porch having a conversation. I also felt that the side characters should have had some more development. The women and man that get the magnificent seven were forgettable even though they represent the emotional steaks in the whole situation.

However this doesn’t drag the movie far. So I stand by saying it is still definitely worth seeing.


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