Storks: Fun for All

Have you ever just heard the title of a movie and think “that’s lame”? Well that describes how I felt when I heard about Storks. I thought it was going to demonstrate how “Hollywood is out of ideas” and “the cheesy animated movie”. To my surprise however this film was quite good.

Warner Brothers proved with this movie that their new animation studio is worth watching out for. Both of the movies that they have released thus far (the other being The Lego Movie) have proven that the studio is able to take silly concepts and make them work with smart writing and good humor.

Though this movie has a younger audience than Kubo or Finding Dory seemed to be aiming for, it does not aim so low that the parents can’t enjoy the movie. Surprisingly, in a kids movie about babies there were no poop jokes and a lot of the humor and chemistry of characters relied on the concepts of parenthood and family. Sometimes the relationships of the characters felt forced but I felt that it was necessary to keep the movie going at a steady pace. The movie was never boring though the middle of the movie was definitely better than the rest.

Is this movie one of the greats of the year? No. Is this movie going to become a classic? No. Does it need to be? No. This is a movie you sit in, enjoy but won’t remember in a year but there is nothing wrong with that. Rent this movie and watch it either alone or with kids no matter who you are with they will crack a smile several times during this film.


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