Lost Alice Luke – A Flawed Entrance to Wonderland

syun0acute:“Shall We Date? Lost Alice+ is now available on Android ...

Lost Alice is the newest app released by Shall We Date. I was not sure what to expect from this new visual novel as the last time a preexisting property was used as a basis for a game (Sherlock) it was an entertaining addition to Shall We Date’s library but the other attempt (Oz) is one of the worst visual novels which Shall We Date has released (though it has improved). So, how does Lost Alice fair?

To start with, I have only read one route and that’s the Mad Hatter’s (Luke). Luke is a likable character to follow and has a very nice design. In fact, all the characters have very nice designs.

The characters are likable in the story. My favorites being the Red Queen and the Chess King. I am excited to see the Chess King’s route that is for sure. In addition, it is nice to see so many female characters in the game. There is usually only one or two characters which are “friend” characters (in other words, ones that you won’t date) so it is nice to have four in this story.

However, I think that the creaters got carried away with the characters. That is, they spend too much time talking rather than doing anything to advance the story. The story starts strong with “Alice” not remembering who she is and if she is not careful she will eventually lose her name. This is very interesting… To bad the story decides to drop the plot for chapter upon chapter of talking. With the exeption of the first meeting with the Chess King there is no conflict in the story to be seen until the end when the story remember that it had a plot. I understand building characters and their relations but that doesn’t need to be the whole second act!

Do I recommend the story? Well…No. At least not for now. I suspect the next story that will be release d will be better than the first batch (though I will check out the other two stoies to see if they are any good). For now, there are better visual novels that are worth your time.


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