Oscar Predictions…

…Basically doing this as last minute as possible but lets have fun with this. I will make this brief and in an hour  you can see how wrong I was. Lets go!

Best Picture-Moonlight

Well, the obvious choice is La La Land but I have noticed that for the past few years the favorite to win usually ends up losing so I am going to bet on the movie that does most of the usual Oscar nods besides La La Land: Moonlight.

Actor in a Leading Role-Ryan Gosling

The winner of the night-even if it doesn’t win best picture-will be La La Land. Ryan Goling did a great job in the movie and I don’t think the Oscars are going to reward that.

Actress in a Leading Role-Natalie Portman

I always feel that if a picture is not nominated for best picture but gets a best actor nomination that its for a good reason. Emma may end up winning for La La Land but I think Natalie’s portrayal of Jackie might just be able to win out.

Best Supporting Actor-Lucas Hedges

Honestly, I would prefer Mahershala Ali to win but I think Manchester by the see is going to pull of a win.

Best Supporting Actress-Viola Davis

She has been nominated for best supporting actress in the past and with Fences I think she is going to be able to win her self a statue.

Best Animated Film-Zootopia

With all the buzz Zootopia has gotten and the winning streak Disney has been on I think the winner is obvious.

Cinematography-La La Land

Though Silence is a good contender, La La Land is going to win this one I am certain.

Best Costumes=Fantastic Bests and Where to Find Them

I know this is a long shot but I really do feel the film should win.

Directing-La La Land

Theoretically it would make sense for best directing to go to the Best Picture winner but I do thing the choreography does give La La Lnd and edge over Moonlight.

Best Documentary-Life, Animated

Again, bias over reality talking here, but I do feel that an animated film takes a huge amour of effort and what was accomplished with Life, Animated makes it a worthy winner of this category.

Best Short Subject Doumentary-Unknown

I am unfamiliar with all of these shorts. Next.

Best Editing-Arrival

This something that I am usually not impressed by. That being said, Arrival really did impress me.

Best Foreign Language Film-Unknown

Though these movies might be great, I am not familiar with any of them unfortunately.

Best Makeup and Hairstying-Star Trek Beyond

The makeup was quite impressive in the movie.

Best Score-La La Land

A best picture nominated musical winning a music award? Makes sense.

Best Original Song-Audition

Though How Far I Go SHOULD win I will repeat what I said. A best picture nominated musical winning a music award? Makes sense.

Best Production Design-La La Land

Another category which is hard to imagine anyone else winning though I will admit I am not familiar with Hail, Caesar so maybe that one has a chance.

Best Animated Short-Blind Vaysha

The kind of thought-provking story that the Oscar loves. I don’t have a lot of certainty that the short will win but it has a strong chance.

Best Live Action Short Film-Unknown

Not familiar with any of these.

Sound Editing-La La Land

Though the competitors have a good chance in this category.

Sound Mixing-Rouge One

At least I hope it will win.

Visual Effects-Kubo and the Two Strings

This film DESERVES the win considering everything which was accomplished in the creation of the film. This movie and The Jungle Book are the only ones which I can say truly broke new grounds in visual effects but considering how Laika has been a trailblazer in stop-motion animation I feel that they deserve this Oscar.

Best Writing-Fences

Either that or Arrival…Again, we will see but I think both deserve the recognition.

Please note: I apoligize for any writing errors in this. I just wrote out my thoughts informally for this. I have not seen all of the films but have seen clip and am familiar with the stories of most. I think this will be interesting. We shall see how I did with the predictions. Enjoy the Oscars everyone!




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